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My chickens are producing so many eggs. I can't eat them all! It's time to share the little shell wrapped yokes of joy with the world.

To be honest, I just like taking care of animals, and I clearly didn't need 6 chickens... at least I didn't need 6 fresh eggs daily.

So here I am, thinking of ways to share my egg wealth. What if I pay it forward? Or better yet, what if the chickens lay it forward?

I went out to the coop and discussed it with the girls. They suggested I sell the eggs and donate the money to the Idaho Foodbank. Those chickens are so smart!

These are unwashed, fresh eggs from my backyard flock. I keep their nesting boxes clean, so they are usually pretty clean eggs. They do not need refrigeration until they are washed. When chickens lay their eggs they have a natural coating called the "bloom". This seals the egg and keeps it from going bad. Nature is pretty neat like that! Feel free to wash the eggs and store them in your refrigerator, or don't wash them and store them on your counter. They are very pretty, colored eggs.

Fresh eggs can last up to 5 weeks on your counter, although I suggest eating them right away because they are so yummy.

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