Nicolet laursen

Hello, my name is Nicolet, everyone calls me "Nico."  I am an artist living in Boise, Idaho.

My mediums of choice include chalk pastel drawings, oil and acrylic paintings, paper-mache, and hand-carved sculptures. I love to write character-driven stories and illustrate them with pastels and paint. In 2012, I finished my first children’s book, Ana the No-toed Sloth, and I plan on creating many more in the future.

I’m inspired by the world around me. As a long-distance runner, I’ve found that allowing my brain to wander during long runs helps me discover creative concepts that I use in my work. I also enjoy volunteering in my community and abroad. Ana the No-toed Slothwas inspired by a volunteer trip to Costa Rica, where I worked at a college and in a nursing home. It’s the moments, stories, and experiences from my life and those around me that inspire my stories and illustrations.

I like to think that my imaginary creatures have a real life in some other world. I build stories around each character and imagine my paintings and drawings as more than just a portrait. I want the viewer or reader to feel a connection with my characters, as though they have been long-time friends. Viewers and readers feel compelled to invite these creatures into their homes, hang them on their wall, and invite them into their lives.

I currently spend my days as a Digital Program Manager at Simplot and my evenings working on new creations.


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