Boise Foothills Trail Paintings

We have amazing trail systems through our foothills here in Boise, ID. I love to go for long runs on these trails. Sometimes I stop for a moment and take a quick photo that I use as reference for these lovely paintings below. Each painting is 6"x6" acrylic on wood panel.

These paintings look best as a series of three, so I'm giving you a great deal! Buy 2 paintings, get the third for FREE.  Choose your favorite three paintings and use promo code freetrailwhen you checkout.

Shine down on me $50.00
Evening Storm $50.00
Sunset at Military Reserve $50.00
October in Hull's Gultch Sold Out
Robie Creek Road $50.00
Red Fox Trail Sold Out
Feel the wind $50.00
Table Rock $50.00
Into the Storm $50.00
Burnt $50.00
Sunday Morning Run Sold Out
Rainstorm Sold Out
Let Time Pass Sold Out
Forest Trail Sold Out
Elephant Rock Sold Out
Autumn Road $50.00