Senses, Idahostel Mural Project

Smell, Sound, Sight

I went for a quick run after work today and was reminded that my toe nail, the BIG toe nail, has been threatening to leave me for a few months now. I can feel it when I start to run down a steep hill. I usually ignore it. I mean… if it’s not happy living there on my big toe, perhaps it should leave. So I focus my eyes on the horizon and push the pain out of my brain. This got me thinking… thinking about perception. How you can simply change the world around you by seeing it in a new light. I started to analyze all these sensations. The sense of pain being offset by the endorphins my body is producing as I run. I can hear my heart pumping blood through my veins, feel the pressure of my foot to the ground, smell the sweet scent of wild flowers, see the view of the foothills & taste that mosquito I just swallowed (gross). I know how all these experiences, I know how they affect me. I have no clue what they could possibly feel like when experienced by someone else. We must all feel them in different ways, or else why would we react so differently to the same sensation. This idea has been sitting around in my head for a while. It’s a lazy idea, hanging out in the back of my brain. Probably in some overstuffed chair with a bag of potato chips, watching reruns of Bewitched. A couple weeks ago, I decided to light a fire under this idea. And I got him moving, moving fast. Super fast. This idea I speak of, it’s the inspiration behind my latest mural. I filmed the making of the mural & speed it up (I don’t actually move this fast…).

Three panels combine to create one very large mural

This mural was installed at the new hostel in downtown Boise, Idahostel.

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