One perfect Saturday

I started my day off in a hurry. A hurry to go run a race. You see, I have been sick all week and not sure if this race was actually going to happen for me. My alarm went off at 7:30, the race was at 8. I might have been caught in a dream when I decided, “screw it… let’s run!”

So I got everything together and took off for the starting line. I got there just in time. Then I realized I had left my race tag at home. Okay so far I’m committing every race faux pas. Here’s the list in case you lost track:
1) I’m sick
2) Slept in too late to make time for a warm up
3) Left my race tag at home
4) Didn’t train much over the week… see # 1

So this could be worse… I mean I have two legs still… I’m not dieing… and I’m here ready to go. I want to run… let’s do this! So I ran… I ran about as fast as an ant stuck in jello. I ran 7.6 miles in the time I usually run over 9 (at jogging pace). Now a normal person might feel bad about this. Well, not me… I’m so far from normal I can only see it when I put my glasses on. I feel great. I’m pretty sure any part of me that was sick… was left up in the foothills. I consider this a success.

Now let’s move on to the next part of the day. This is the part where I attend the Boise Mural Project celebration. If you don’t know what the Boise Mural Project is, take a look at my last post. Here are some photos from the making of my mural:

It all began in my garage. I got some really large paper, taped it to the wall and started drawing. My medium: chalk pastels. My subject: giant brain reading a book.
Once it was finished, I cut it off the wall and rolled it up. I managed to fit it in my car by folding the backseat down. This baby was huge, took the entire span of my car from the windshield through the back trunk.
Once I arrived at the parking garage, I unrolled my art and started pasting. I used a mixture of wheat paste and acrylic matte medium. I realized pretty quickly that if you want to do this on your own, the smaller your panels... the better! So I cut my drawing up into about 4 panels.
The blank canvas. Hey! That's my name!
Whew! Got it all pasted up. I forgot to mention earlier that before I left my house I sprayed my art with about 3 cans of spray fix. I still can't feel my index finger.
First layer of paint on! Now let's let this baby dry.

Let the celebration begin!

Awe yes, my classic awkward art pose. Great way to start!

Okay enough of me – let’s see some more art already…

And the winning mural is……

Jennie Jorgensen’s tribute to bicycles. Great work Jennie!

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