Now it’s official, I’m a poser

I decided to be adventurous and step outside my box this weekend. We hopped into a car and drove off into the middle of nowhere. Once we got there, we were off to the show. An outdoor concert filled with cowboy hats, BBQ, Coors Light, and one random guy who walked like an old hippie and carried a parrot. We spent the evening drinking cold beer and attempting to master the two step. After the show was over, we were off to the bar. The small town wasn’t used to this much excitement and it felt as if the walls of the old buildings had to take a deep breath to expand and let us all in. We hung out for a little while, until a communication mishap caused us to believe our friends had ditched us. I looked everywhere for them, but even the truck that had drove us there was gone. Angry and confused, I waited for my remaining friend and we decided to tackle the long dark walk home. I don’t think I have ever seen a darkness like that before. We were so far from city lights and street lamps were non existent. If not for the intense saturation of stars that filled the night sky I may not have been able to distinguish where the sky ended and the rolling hills began. We made it home safe and decided to sleep outside. I passed out quickly to the sound of cows mooing. The smell of bacon and hotcakes woke me up early the next morning, and I snapped out of my sleepy slumber with a big cup of cowboy coffee. For a weekend I was a cowgirl accepted graciously into a new community and quickly felt at home with their country hospitality.

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