just as bad as being drunk!

The residents of the nearby apartments must think I am nuts. I keep laughing out loud and I’m clearly alone. Surely they picture my apartment lined in rubber and my closet filled with straight jackets. My laughter is not without reason, as odd it may seem. I just can’t believe what just happened. I was driving home from the gym when I saw those dreaded red and white lights in my review mirror. Just my luck. I am in the midst of buying a house and just got new car insurance. The last thing I need is a ticket to shoot my insurance rates up. So my heart is pounding and I have no idea what I did wrong. The policeman walked up to my window and politely asked how my evening was going. I said fine and nervously explained that I had just spent an hour and a half at the gym and left my license in my apartment which was about 5 feet away. He smiled and said,”Oh, well I work out too… do me a favor and next time you drive home from the gym, try and stay between the white lines. Have a good night!”

And that’s that. Good times 😉

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