I found myself at Hastings tonight, looking for a movie to watch while I veg away the rest of this cold. I finally broke down and rented Idiocracy. It was pretty funny, and got me thinking… how many movies like that can we make before we start to realize our own fate? What happens if Utah really cuts the 12th grade?

“A Utah lawmaker says too many 12th graders spend the year ‘playing around.’ As part of a cost-cutting measure, Republican State Senator Chris Buttars has proposed eliminating a fourth year of high school statewide.”
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Sure, that will help cut costs now. But what happens 5 years from now, when they need to cut costs again? I’m sure by then 11th graders will be slacking right through their last year of school. We all remember, waiting for college acceptance letters and then just sliding through those last few months. So will they want to cut the 11th grade, and then the 10th, 9th, 8th, 7th – you know… school really doesn’t benefit 1st graders. They usually just play games all day – it’s a big waste of time. Let’s cut school all together! Then we can make movies about butts and read OK! magazine all day!

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