EAMC in the Big D

Event and Arena Marketing Conference was a big success in Dallas.

We kicked off the conference with The Go Game at the grandiose Hilton Anatole. It was a fun departure from the typical scavenger hunt. One of my team members actually swam across the hotel pool fully dressed, and then didn’t even win. Now that I think about it, our team was actually the biggest loser” eh, we had fun.
The conference far exceeded my expectations. It was a fantastic opportunity to network and learn those tidbits of information that you just can’t find on your own. One focus of the conference was about new media“ websites, blogs, podcasts, text messaging & social networks. This was right up my alley, but I found myself disappointed when they only spoke about the “why” and barely touched the “how”. I already know why I want to implement these features, I just want to know how. My frustration lead me question the presenters. Their reply was, “Google it”. Then I remembered that I was at a marketing conference, not a tech conference. So I let it slide.
I left the conference with a new respect for marketers and feeling a little like a marketer myself. I also felt a little jealous of the American Airlines Center- what a beautiful facility!

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