Dear Romeo, I love to hate you

mmmmmm, nothing better then enjoying the remnants of a good bottle of wine. Especially when a majority of the bottle was shared with a good friend, good food, and an entertaining movie. We decided to be adventurous and rent a movie out of one of those red boxes at albertsons, the movie of choice was Night at the Museum . It was actually a pretty fun movie, but when I thought too hard about any one part it seemed a bit ridiculous. Good news is the red box works pretty well and is a good save for lazy people who don’t feel like making an extra stop at the movie store.
I spent last week in California on the beach. Then I spent last night in Idaho at a beach bar. It was super fun, I got to catch up with some old friends. Then today I realized why my job is absolutely fantasic, besides the obvious reasons. We have a crazy busy fall coming up and when we are crazy busy, that means the whole city feels it. I help bring this town to life, it’s a pretty sweet gig!

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