Dante’s Inferno

I was so pleased to finally get out to the Idaho International Film Festival last weekend. The night was filled with controversy and cutting edge concepts. I watch two films- Dante’s Inferno & Your Mommy Kills Animals . Both films, although widely different, were very well done.

Your Mommy Kills Animals, a documentary about a very touchy subject (animal rights vs animal welfare and all the opinions in-between). This film reminds it’s audience of what a documentary should be. The filmmaker left his opinions out. He simply relayed interviews and facts ” leaving it up to the audience to make up their own minds.

Your Mommy Kills Animals Trailer

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Dante’s Inferno was one of those films that makes a home in your brain and never leaves. Master puppeteers bring the 700 year old story to live with hand drawn paper dolls. Don’t let this fool you, the film is graphic and politically incorrect. Check out the trailer:

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