Boise mural project

Something amazing went down this week in downtown Boise.

More than 40 local artists (including myself) repainted the inside of an old parking garage. We officially started work on Tuesday and are finishing tonight. I just put the finishing touches on my mural and I’m very excited to have everyone come out and see in person.

Here is a picture I took with my phone, it’s not the best quality so I will add some more tomorrow.

Boise Mural Project Nicolet Laursen Mural

The theme for the murals was “Tribute”. I choose to make my mural a tribute to reading (yes I am a huge nerd). Reading carries you away to another world, and in a way that nothing else can. Movies are great, but the books are always better. So here you have a giant brain reading a book. If you can get close enough to the mural and see past that giant pipe that blocks the top, you will see that the brain actually turns into mountains. The reader’s thoughts are melting away into another world that he might not be able to experience.

That’s enough about what I think, please come down and take a look for yourself. The opening celebration is tomorrow, Aug 7th 2010, from 10am-4pm. The parking garage is on Bannock, near 8th street. It is below the Falcon and next to Superb sushi. Here’s a map:

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There will be live music by Jonathan Warren and the Billy Goats & Voice of Reason. I also heard something about a wine tasting at Superb Sushi in the basement. There will also be judging, and you my friends will be the judges! So come on down and vote for your favorite mural, have some vino and maybe shake your booty to some fun tunes.

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