2007 graphic design student portfolio show

It has officially been a year since graduation. This hit me the other night while I admired the work at the 2007 graphic design student portfolio show. Somewhere in the massive crowd I found myself talking with a past instructor. I told him, “I can’t believe it’s been a year since I graduated!” He said,”No, you’ve had a year of experience.” I suppose that’s a better way to think of it.
I walked around to check out the work. Each student made a large vertical promotional banner that hung behind them. I thought this was a nice touch. It separated the students by their style and made it easy to navigate through the crowded restaurant. Some students handed out promotional pieces, and others simply charmed their viewers with a business card and a smile. I left that night feeling a little envious of their place in the world. That feeling that the world is your’s for the taking and anything is possible. The excitement of the unknown. I also had a desire to design a large vertical banner.

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