01. October
- by nico

Ana the No-toed Sloth


23. July
- by nico

A surreal departure

Cactus Man 1881 (260 Kb); Charcoal, 49 x 32.5 cm; The Woodner Family Collection, New York   Odilion Redon's Noirs...
04. March
- by nico

A collective unconscious for a
troubled mind

Jackson Pollock fought with alcohol abuse and self-destructive behavior. He struggled to communicate his issues with his therapist who suggested…

12. December
- by nico

Time to dress up that iPhone

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11. December
- by nico

The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

Francisco Goya depicted reason in a deep slumber in the etching, “The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters“. On first glance, I can relate. Switch those monsters and animals for giant spiders and you would have an etching of one of my sleepless nights. Goya, however, had a much more meaningful purpose for this etching.

04. December
- by nico

Sex, Love & Art Nouveau

In High School art class our first project was to create a folder that would hold all our original masterpieces…

01. November
- by nico

Letto Design Grand Opening

Business has really picked up at Letto Design & Nicolet Laursen Art, so it was time to move into my…

11. May
- by nico

Pura Vida!

One month long at Thomas Hammer Coffee house in downtown Boise. Come take a moment, buy a cookie and drink…

30. March
- by nico

Is he trying to tell us something?

Every time I get near the girls I start turning yellow. Sometimes, I hate being an octopus. Sure, when you’re…

18. March
- by nico

New postcards available on Etsy

I’ve been adding new postcards daily. These cards are also available at Indie Made.